Bozeman Self Storage

Nelson Road Facility

Nelson Road Facility

443 Nelson Road

Conveniently located just off Frontage Road near the Valley Center Spur, our Nelson Road location offers outdoor pull-through and non-pull-through parking spaces, as well as a variety of fully-enclosed units.

If you need a large space, you can even rent a full 40 foot "high cube" (8' 10" ceiling height) shipping container!

New units are coming soon, both single-car and two-car garage sizes, appropriate for storage of household items and vehicles.

❄  Winter is Coming!  ❄

With Winter right around the corner, you may want to consider this:

  Check your storage unit before the weather gets too cold.  Do you have items in a non-temperature-controlled unit that shouldn't get cold or freeze?

  Have you switched out your snow tires and shovel for your inflatable kayak and coolers?

  If you will be leaving town for an extended period of time, make sure you have someone you trust who can check on your unit periodically.

  We have free pallets on site to get those cardboard boxes up off the concrete. We don't expect flooding, but it's best to plan for the worst, and the biggest cause of flooding in this part of the country is melting snow and ice dams.  Elevating items or packing them in plastic totes is always your best bet.